The purpose of the meeting is to allow full presentations of results from an intensive research programme by the convenors and collaborators since 2012 on the Port Askaig Formation (PAF), together with cognate contributions from other Quaternary and Cryogenian experts. This will ensure evaluation and discussion of the significance of the Port Askaig Formation as an exceptional exemplar of glacial sedimentary history. This meeting represents an important step in the preparation of a proposed new Geological Society of London Memoir on the PAF.

An indicative programme is given below. VF = virtual field trip session

Pre-Meeting – Monday 11th May

16.00 Virtual meeting for International Subcommission on Cryogenian Stratigraphy

Day 1 – Tuesday 12th May

Session 1: Chair Catherine Rose
09.00 Port Askaig Fm: context and history of research, Anthony Spencer
09.30 Cryogenian geology – Progress towards a basal Cryogenian GSSP, Graham Shields
10.00 Carbonate substrata – The Garbh Eileach Fm and Cryogenian correlation, Ian Fairchild  VF
10.30 discussion

10.50 refreshment break

Session 2: Chair Tony Spencer
11.10 Stratigraphic architecture of the PAF, Roger Anderton
11.35 Lithofacies associations of the PAF, Dilshad Ali
12.00 Glacial geology – Grounded ice (massive diamictites, Great Breccia, glaciotectonics), Doug Benn VF
12.40 Quaternary comparators I – Ice-push or mass movement? The causes of large scale deformation within glacigenic sequences, Emrys Phillips
13.10 discussion

13.30 lunch

Session 3: Chair Richard Waller
14.10 Glacial geology – floating ice (laminated diamictites, Disrupted Beds), Doug Benn VF 15.00 Quaternary comparators II – Tills and glacitectonites: process-form relationships and their geological signatures, Dave Evans
15.30 discussion

15.50 refreshment break

Session 4: Chair Doug Benn
16.10 Periglacial geology, Richard Waller VF
17.10 discussion

17.30 – 18.30 Beer and poster session 20.00 Conference dinner

Day 2 – Wednesday 13th May

Session 5: Chair David Chew
09.00 Non-glacial geology – origin of dolomites, Ian Fairchild
09.30 Non-glacial geology – marine environments, Roger Anderton VF 
10.00 Non-glacial geology – continental environments, Bruce Levell VF
10.30 discussion

10.50 refreshment break

Session 6: Chair Ian Fairchild
11.10 Environmental evolution – Members 1 and 2, Doug Benn VF
11.40 Environmental evolution – Members 3 to 5, Anthony Spencer VF
12.20 discussion

13.00 lunch

Session 7: Chair Roger Anderton
13.40 Other glacial successions
Neoproterozoic glacial successions – a database approach, David Chew
14.00 Cryogenian comparators I
The end-Cryogenian glaciation of South Australia, Catherine Rose
14.30 Cryogenian comparators II
The Kingston Peak Fm, Death Valley, California – progress in understanding representativeness in Cryogenian glacial sequences, Dan Le Heron
15.00 discussion

15.20 refreshment break

Session 8: Convenor Bruce Levell
15.40 Interpretation and significance of the PAF record
Discussion in groups followed by plenary discussion

17.00 end